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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need rain gutters?

Yes! Moisture is the enemy of your home. Anything the water hits gets destroyed. Landscaping, masonry walks, wood siding, decks, door jams, garage doors etc. Concrete basement walls absorb moisture. If you don't have leaks mold and mildew are always a concern.

How often should I clean my gutters?

As often as is necessary depending on how big and how close to your house your trees are. The most important time is in the Fall. If your gutters are not free flowing in the winter they will be a block of ice all winter causing overflow, ice dams & ice mounds on the ground. Frozen heavy ice stresses out gutters and significantly shortens their life span.

Do custom gutters covers really work?

Yes! See our Custom Cover section of our website.

What color should I get?

Well, that is a personal choice. I prefer to have the gutter system to be a inconspicuous as possible. Matching the color of the gutters with the trim, siding color or roof helps them blend into your house. There are 12 colors to choose from.

How long do gutters last?

8 - 20 years. This is where maintenance counts. Clean free flowing gutters last longer than heavily clogged ones. Heavy ice can damage gutters, clogged downspouts can burst at the seams. Of course a professional installation with good fasteners and pitched gutters is very important.

Do gutters need to be installed with strap hanger?

We prefer to install gutters with hidden hangers screwed to the fascia board. If your house has crown molding or a steeply pitched fascia board this dictates the use of strap hangers. If you are building a new home these are details worth considering.

My gutters are dirty on the outside how do I keep them clean?

The best way to keep them clean on the outside is to keep them clean on the inside. Dirty water from decaying leaves and plant matter will over flow the front of your gutter leaving drip stripes. Also dirt and roof break down can cause black lines. Clean flowing gutters will not let this material accumulate and over flow. Once white gutters are stained they are not easy to clean.

Do screen type covers work?

They keep the bulk of the leaves out, but small particle tend to accumulate and need to be removed occasionally. Sometimes the screens get clogged and cause over flow. Screens are not recommended in areas with falling pine needles, as they will fall through the  holes in the screen.

How long does it take to get my gutters installed?

One to two weeks and is usually a one day job or less. Fall is the busiest time of the year, so if you are in a big hurry call early in the season

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